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I never thought I would enjoy yoga..


until my lovely friend Amanda invited me to go with her to a class in Austin. I was always somewhat skeptical about yoga..

“Do you actually work any muscles? Do you sweat? Is it really even a workout? Would I even be sore the next day?”

The answer is YES! Oh my gosh yes. I really loved it. It was a 45 minutes Power Yoga for advanced yogis. I recognize that I am not in any way advanced but I thought I’d take the challenge.  It was quite a workout. I was sweating and I was feeling my body move in ways it never had before. We started with downward facing dog and I think we held it for about 5 minutes (maybe it was shorter, but it felt like a lifetime!!) and we repeated the position throughout class. I was really impressed with how much more flexible i was after the 45 minutes.

Also, I have been running 4-5 times a week lately and my right hip has been feeling really tight and sore. After the class it felt so relaxed and less strained.

My favorite part was the last 5 minutes when you lay and clear you mind and hold your body completely still. It was incredibly relaxing and I found myself enjoying just being still.

The studio is downtown Austin and it’s called Black Swan Yoga. It’s donation based so each person donates 7 to 15 dollars per class. index

My friend also told me that on weekday nights they have Candle Light Yoga. It’s 60 minutes and the turn the temperature up in the yoga room as well. It sounds really peaceful and relaxing. I can’t wait to try it–