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March 2014- Friends, Beer, and Music


We went on a wine tour to Fredericksburg which was a blast. We found a shuttle company that will pick you up from downtown, and bring you to each winery, pick you up, and bring you back near your hotel– 20 dollars for a whole day! http://www.290wineshuttle.com/ <– There’s the link if you are interested. It was well worth it and we didn’t have to worry about anyone missing out on the fun because they had to drive. Fender was here that weekend so it was cool to show him what Texas is like outside of Austin– I think Austin has it’s own little subculture that is way way different than the rest of Texas.

Had a lovely day off of work with my new work friends- we had a nice brunch and great margaritas. That’s an amazing benefit about my job– the friends. I’m so lucky to have found a company that has a great group of young girls working there that have welcomed me into their circle of friends.

February is also Valentine’s Day which means lots of heart shaped food – it’s kind of our thing 🙂

Also I saw a unicorn on 6th street- had to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

February in Austin

December in Texas– and Chicago!


December has been such a busy month! I loved the 84 degree days..it was also great running weather. It was fun to have our first Christmas in our new place. We decided to get a tiny tree because I thought it was cute and it would be easier and cheaper to decorate. D’s parents came to visit for Christmas, we took them to see The Nutcracker downtown which was absolutely beautiful. My first time watching a ballet! Then I took a quick trip home to spend Christmas in Chicago with my family the 24th-28th. The trip was very busy and very fun. I got to see  tons of friends and family in a quick three days. The holidays are nice in that everyone makes time to spend with each other. I think that’s what I like the best. I’m really happy I was able to go home and spend time with those that I love and care about. I know some people aren’t able to see their family over the holidays, so I’m thankful for that.

The end of the month we had our friends Kelly and Chris and Bondy come to visit. I love to have visitors because it reminds me of how great Austin is and I find it fun to take people around and expose them to new things they may not have seen otherwise. Kelly and Chris are vegetarians like me so it was fun to try some vegetarian places with them. Bouldin Creek was by far the best place 🙂 We also went on an adventurous hike on the GreenBelt which was very cool.


August in Texas 2013


August was such a fun month. We were so happy to have our friends Nina and Steve come down and visit! We took them on a whirlwind of Austin with the help of experienced Austinites Kristine and Jamie!

Texas in July


We had a lot of time to explore Austin on our own and get to know our new city.