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Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse


I’m not a big believer in cleanses. I mean.. I understand that they exist..haha but they just aren’t for me.

I don’t like the idea of depriving and starving yourself to lose water weight.. just to gain it back a few days later.

However-our friends Sarah, Nick, and Rob came into town and I felt like I had consumed an incredible amount of processed food, beer, queso dip, french fries, beer, deep fried avocado tacos,  more beer, another order of french fries, and Indian food (which I adore). Anywho, for someone who normally eats relatively clean, vegetarian, organic fruits and veggies this made me SO sick. My stomach hurt so bad and was incredibly bloated. I was so wiped out. I felt like I had to take charge of my body and hit the reset button. I began researching cleanses and stumped upon Shakeology. This was one was way different that the ones I had heard of before.

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