November: South Padre Island and San Antonio


For Thanksgiving we headed down to South Padre Island — typically a wild Spring Break destination, but in the off season it was very tame. It was quite touristy with beach shops and souvenirs lining the streets. South Padre Brewing Company was a great spot we checked out. Their pizza was top notch! They also had a sea turtle rescue where they helped nurse the injured sea turtles back to health and then release them.

On our way back we stopped for a night in San Antonio- the river walk was gorgeous! It was December 1st and they had lit all the Christmas lights that day. The lights were hanging down from the trees like icicles and their was music and the boat taxis. It was a fun stop I’m glad we took!


October in Texas


October was a month that FLEW by!

We went to Fredericksburg for Oktoberfest, which was an absolute blast.

Then one of my dearest childhood friends was getting married in Chicago. I was so honored to be part of her and Nick’s wedding day. I only have one picture from that day, but I must say this: When Sarah but her wedding dress on she was truly glowing. There are no words, she just looked so beautiful and happy. When she walked down the aisle her smile was beaming. I was so glad to be part of that day and see Nick and Sarah begin their married life together. ❤

September- Texas 2013


September we had our friend Fender come visit us for a couple of days. We took him to some of our favorite spots (that we knew of!) We also visited Barton Springs, The Greenbelt, and Hamilton Pool. These are three great outdoor spots! Greenbelt offers a lot of hiking paths, climbing, and mountain biking (verrrrry challenging biking for me).

August in Texas 2013


August was such a fun month. We were so happy to have our friends Nina and Steve come down and visit! We took them on a whirlwind of Austin with the help of experienced Austinites Kristine and Jamie!

Texas in July


We had a lot of time to explore Austin on our own and get to know our new city.


“The Texas sky is the biggest one I’ve seen“-Miranda Lambert”

July 1st, 2013


Just you, me, the bug, and the open road.
This was the first day we moved to Texas! We drove down, we were so determined to complete the drive in a straight shot. We had it all planned out, I drive six hours, you drive six hours, I drive four hours, you drive four hours, and we stop for breakfast and coffee.
–Yeah that didn’t happen as we planned- We ended up stopping in Tulsa, Oklahoma around 1am and then continuing on the next day. I enjoyed it because we got to drive into Texas with the warm sun shining breath in the dry Texas air.

Moving Day

Happy Six Months Texas!



Dear Texas,

We are so happy we moved here. You are so warm and we like that. Upon recently visiting Chicago I have also realized how much I enjoy the pace of life here in Texas. People are more friendly, they move a little bit slower, and they even talk slower. I think I’ll stay here for quite some time.