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March 2014- Friends, Beer, and Music


We went on a wine tour to Fredericksburg which was a blast. We found a shuttle company that will pick you up from downtown, and bring you to each winery, pick you up, and bring you back near your hotel– 20 dollars for a whole day! <– There’s the link if you are interested. It was well worth it and we didn’t have to worry about anyone missing out on the fun because they had to drive. Fender was here that weekend so it was cool to show him what Texas is like outside of Austin– I think Austin has it’s own little subculture that is way way different than the rest of Texas.

Had a lovely day off of work with my new work friends- we had a nice brunch and great margaritas. That’s an amazing benefit about my job– the friends. I’m so lucky to have found a company that has a great group of young girls working there that have welcomed me into their circle of friends.

February is also Valentine’s Day which means lots of heart shaped food – it’s kind of our thing 🙂

Also I saw a unicorn on 6th street- had to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

February in Austin

It’s been too long!


I meant to keep this up to date, but we have had a lot of great visitors come lately and it’s fallen to the back burner.

My new job is going very well. I enjoy what I do, I find it easy but at the same time challenging. I feel like I have learned a lot so far in sales and the best part is I finally have a great work-life balance. There is a great group of people that work there and I feel like I have made some great new friends.

Since I last wrote, we have had Courtney and her husband Jason come visit, my birthday, Dan’s birthday, Sarah and Nick come visit, Rob come visit, Fender come visit, SXSW and lots of things in between. It’s been a blast! We have a lot more people coming to visit us in the next few months as well. I love having people here and sharing our life with them. I feel like when people stay here we get to know each other on a much closer level, as we are eating every meal together, together all day, together all night, etc. Image